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Permaloc Landscape StudentsBeing a Landscape Architecture student can be very stressful. Living in the studio, surviving on candy and energy drinks, giving up any resemblance of a social life. All these things add to that edgy feeling.

Well Permaloc is here to help! Permaloc has been making the world's best landscape edgings and restraints since before you were born probably. We got it down to a science.

Permaloc products are sure to make all of your projects look great. Whatever you can imagine, Permaloc can help make it possible.

Be sure to register on our site. This will get you the latest information on upcoming design competitions, and chances to win great prizes. We will also let you know about any sweet new products that we release.

A relationship with Permaloc is something that will benefit you throughout your entire LA career. Check out the website, and see for yourself!

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